Vaginal steam, also known as v-steam, yoni steam, bajos, cha-yok or jahoon, is an effective and relaxing way to promote female health. 
A... what steam?

The Vaginal Steam has been used for centuries as a traditional home remedy for feminine health care. In each session we teach how to set this up at home.  

This pleasant and relaxing practice can help manage PMS symptoms, uterine cramping, fertility, and post-natal; peri and post-menopausal symptoms.

First time streaming? 

Please always book "First Session Steam" before booking follow up sessions.

Why do a V-Steam?

Known in Latin America as bajos and in Korea as chai-yok, the vaginal steam is a very old female support technique that’s been gaining popularity in recent years.


The V-Steam is a gentle, safe and pH-balanced way address the vaginal and uterine linings. The warm herbal steam improves circulation and can alleviate symptoms caused by, or related to congestion in these tissues. Increased circulation of the pelvis increases oxygenation, dilates of blood vessels, and a relaxes the pelvic floor muscles that tend to cramp before or during menstruation.

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How do I prepare for a V-Steam?

First, you'll cozy up in a small room devoted to the ancient technique. You'll talk with our V Steam Specialist who will determine the mix of herbs used for the steam tailored to your specific needs. Then you'll be shown to the steam room, where you undress completely and put on your silk robe (provided).

You'll take your seat on the steam chair and  the specialist will check in with you for comfort, bring you tea, wrap up your legs over a foot warmer. Once you are cozy and comfortable it is time to savor the steam and relax. 

Some say its like hovering over a humidifier, or steaming your face during facials. You'll sit in a comfy chair, with a sense of a pleasant warm steam traveling into the body, sipping on a cup of tea, it is your choice whether you read, journal, meditate, set intentions or do sweet nothing during the steam session.


Our Steam Specialist will quietly check in with you over the duration of the session, monitoring the steam temperature ensuring your comfort.

What is a V-Steam Session like?
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