What we stand for

“Namaste was born in 2012 out of a vision and yearning for a healing sanctuary, supportive community, a comfortable place for people at any stage of their life. Namaste Highland Park is a place to celebrate our shared humanity, place for self care, a place where you can release the pressure valve and start feeling better. Namaste means, "the light in us sees the light in you".


We strive to be a place of practice for people of all walks of life, old, young, limber, or stiff. Yoga helps us learn to live purposeful lives by connecting with the best version of ourselves. Getting the body flexible and strong is part of that, but fitness is not all that yoga has to offer. It conditions the body so we can clear the mind and find peace in all areas of life. 


Yoga as a lifestyle demands our attention and respect. It is commanding us to live more on purpose and with a deeper sense of heart. We believe in the teachings of yoga and that its teachings and the embodiment of the teachings is what can transforms people's lives and ultimately our planet. 

—Vanda Ciceryova, Founder


"Namaste" is not merely a greeting used in the yoga circles. It is universally recognized as one of peace, honor, and respect.

It means: We bow to you. The wisdom in us greets and meets the wisdom in you.

“Namaste” is said spoken in combination with a slight bow and the Anjali Mudra—the placement of the hands together pulled close to the heart similar to prayer pose.


The joining of the palms connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain and represents unification, honoring of both the self and the other. Along with "Namaste", this gesture recognizes that the life force within us as individuals is the same as that within everything and everyone. 

At Namaste Studios we bow to our inner goodness, to our students, we bow to our community and to everything that connects us.