One Yoni Egg, tips for practice and a Menstrual Attunement course (3.5h). 


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Our feminine cycle connects all of us. This biological rhythm ties us to nature; to the moon. In this course, we dive into understanding our rhythms, our cycles, our phases and how it mirrors the world around us. 

Most of us resist these natural shifts; our ups and downs. We've adopted the more masculine parts of ourselves. Let's honor and embrace all aspects while learning how to tap into our ebbs and flows to gain vitality.


Attune your self care routine to your monthly COURSE:

A thorough look into the Menstrual Cycle and the understandings of the cyclical wisdom carried in our bodies.


In the PHYSICAL class, we explore the experience of our periods as well as the whole month of our cycles. Phase by phase we look at what exactly is happening on a biological and physiological level; our nourishment opportunities, on and off the plate to support our bodies and wombs in each phase of our cycle. By following the cues of our cyclical nature we can approach our self care cyclically too and fully embrace the gifts of and be in harmony with our flow.


In the SPIRITUAL Teachings of The Menstrual Cycle class, we take A Deeper Look Into our Wise Bodies, going beyond the practical understanding of our sacred flow. Learn about how to work with each phase of the menstrual cycle and harmonize our life through rituals and ancient practices, through meditations and guidance on finding you own connection between your cycles and the seasons, the elements, and archetypes; and build a relationship with the gift that each phase brings.

Yoni Egg & Cyclical SELF CARE Course

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