Do I need to sign up online?

Yes, please register ahead.

Where do I park?


There is free parking in the residential areas one block down in either direction from York Blvd. Paid 2 hour parking ($1 for 2hrs) behind behind the Health Clinic, just off Avenue 51. Please note that the parking meters right outside the studio have 1hr limit which is not enough to get in and out of class (the parking enforcement is fierce and fast). 

Do you do hot yoga?


No, we are an unheated yoga studio. Our space is equipped with a heating system for the winter months, and an AC system for hot summer days to keep the space at comfortable room temperature.


Though we do not add heat, some classes do get hot and sweaty, so drink plenty of water before and after class!

Which classes are good for beginners?

YOGA, and HATHA classes are all great for newer yogis. Each class presents certain challenges as well as an opportunities to relax and unwind, so come with an open mind! See a list of recommended classes here.

I'm pregnant; which yoga classes should I take?

If you had a regular yoga practice before your pregnancy, generally it is safe and healthy to continue. Certain modifications should be observed (such as avoiding deep twists and abstaining from Breath of Fire). Recommended classes include our YOGA, 1, 1-2, 3. Our level 2-3 class is not recommended, as it involves a lot of abdominal work.

Which classes are the most challenging?

Look for Ievels 2 or 2-3 on our schedule. These offer the most challenge for experienced yogis.

Which classes are the busiest?

Weekend mornings and weekday evenings tend to fill up fast — reserve your spot online!

Which classes are the least busy?

Late afternoons (4pm) and early week day mornings (6:30/45am) classes tend to be a bit quieter at our studio. These classes are great if you are looking for some more one on one guidance from your instructor. 

Can I bring my child to class?

Students under 16 years of age may attend classes when a parent or guardian is in attendance for the same class. We require that parent child couples set up in the back row of the classroom and practice next to each other. The child is the parent's responsibility and we ask the parents judgement to only bring a child to class that is able to follow instruction and be focus for the duration of class (60 or 75 minutes).


Minors may not sit in the reception area while the parent or guardian takes a class. The front desk staff are not authorized to supervise children.

What do I do if I have an injury?

Yoga is meant to be healing, and never painful. If you feel your injury is exacerbated during a yoga class, it's best to rest and allow your body to heal up before coming back to the mat. If you do have minor injury, let your instructor know, and they will offer you a few pointers as to how you can safely modify your practice in order to keep your body safe. Honor your body, and remember that no matter which class you take, if you feel that a specific pose or transition is hurting your body, you can always skip it.

Can I bring my dog?

Please don't. No animals are allowed in the yoga studio. Exception may be given to service animals with proper paperwork trained to help a specific individual with a disability with services such as fetching dropped items, minimal protection work, rescue work, or pulling a wheelchair.

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