Our energy healing offerings include Reiki Healing sessions and Earth Medicine, a unique blend of energy and sound healing. 

Energy healing harnesses the life force energy to restore, heal, and bring balance to a person as a whole. This gentle and safe hands-on healing approach allows a person's body, mind, emotions, and spirit to be brought to harmony; balance the chakras, reduce stress, and help heal trauma in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Both therapist and client are required to wear a mask during the body work appointment. Medical grade hepa+ air filter is running in the massage room during session. 

Learn more about our safety measures here.


Services are uniformly priced based on length:


60mins $125 - 75mins $150

90mins $175 - 120mins $225

In home service (60mins) $165 

In need of financial assistance? Learn about our Namaste Fund!


What is a Reiki Session like?

Tailored to your needs, the sessions are a blend of aromatherapy, guided relaxation, reiki, crystal healing, meditation and sound healing.

In a session, your healer will help you, the receiver of Reiki energy, into a relaxed state with the use:

  • aromatherapy: essential oils blends specific to your needs 

  • sound therapy: tuning forks and other sound healing instruments 

  • crystal healing: crystals placed around the location of chakras on your body

Laying in a deep relaxation state, your healer harnesses the universal energy flow through her hands as they hover above your body.  The healing energy can help balance the chakras, reduce stress, and help heal trauma in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

What is a Earth Medicine session like?

A potent SOUND + ENERGY HEALING session.

Enter the dreamscape of your subconscious while your body receives deep restorative healing. Experience a personal ceremony to open your heart and intuitive mind through subtle stimulation of all your senses. Using the frequencies of crystals, sounds of drums, rain sticks, tibetan and crystal bowls, tuning forks and more, combined with aromatherapy of scents and Reiki, Rabiah clears energetic debris from your physical and auric bodies while you relax into a journey through your subconscious. 


How is Energy Healing Beneficial?
  • Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension

  • It accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities

  • Aids better sleep

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Removes energy blockages

  • Adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance

  • Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins

  • Supports the immune system

  • Increases vitality and postpones the aging process

  • Raises the vibrational frequency of the body

  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing