In-person classes are held indoors in the gallery and outdoors on our shaded back patio. The class size is limited, with assigned mat places marked at a safe distance. 


We are also offering Online Livestream Classes and On-Demand Videos

Safety measures for in-person classes:

  • Small in-person classes are held indoors and  outside.

  • Reduced class capacity allows safe physical distance between each student and the instructor.

    • markers are placed on the floor to manage yoga mat set up.​

  • No-contact class check is at the front desk.

  • Physical space updates:

    • Touchless faucets & soap dispensers.

    • Hand sanitizing stations.

    • Medical-grade HEPA indoor air filters.


For access to vaccinated only classes (marked by "vx" on the schedule) please send in vaccination proof to or bring it by the front desk so we can flag your accounts for VX ONLY class reservation access.

  • Pre-registration is required for all classes:

    • You can sign up via our website or app, best if at least 2 hours prior to the class.

  • Cancellation, late arrivals and no-show policy:

    • A two hour advance notice of cancellation required.

    • Late cancellation equals the cost of the class, and a no-show is an additional $20.​

    • Late arrivals are not admitted to class.​

  • Props - blocks and blankets are available to use at your own discretion.​

    • Please bring your own mat. 

    • Blocks are disinfected weekly and blankets laundered monthly. 

    • You can rent-to-own a prop package here.

  • Please bring your own, full water bottle.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us.